Streets of Theed

The Streets of Theed has been one of my more heavily worked on maps over the years, going through several revisions to arrive at its current state today.

The very first version had the attacking team trudging through the streets and buildings surrounding the palace of Theed in order to enter the palace itself. From there they had to make their way to the throne room and seal the doors. This first attempt was received well but there were many complaints about the amount of time it took for the attackers to reach the palace let alone see any combat with the other team.
The second version did away with the palace section of the level entirely, instead focusing on the street and building to building combat surrounding a command center. This version went on to be the most played custom map of the mod for several months, however feedback from larger groups playing the map at the same time pointed to issues of the entire map being visible from a lack of optimization.
For the third and final major overhaul of the level I went over each area of the map and placed tall buildings at the borders to act as an isolator barrier from other parts of the map. Accessing other sectors of the level meant traversing corridors and tunnels through these buildings which acted as a transition area for one area of the map to become visible while the previously visited area was struck from the player’s point of view. It took six months of fine tuning to achieve satisfactory performance while retaining the style and feel of the map’s location setting.
Construction of all three versions of the map was done with GTK Radiant which is part of the Quake 3 Arena SDK.