Geonosis Canyons

Geonosis Canyons was the final level I constructed for Movie Battles 2, a total conversion mod for Lucasart’s Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. The level replicates part of the story campaign from Republic Commando, another Lucasart’s game set in the Star Wars universe. In the game and the this level’s objective, the Republic’s Delta Squad special forces unit infiltrates a Separatist anti air turret complex with the mission to destroy it.

With this level I experimented with terrain blending on hand assembled terrain (roughly three thousand quads were hand assembled and blended). Scripting with Quake’s BEhaved tool allowed for greater ambiance and effects than any of my other levels. With I was able to construct cutscenes that played in real time ingame for destroying doorways and simulating recoil from the massive turret throughout the inner facility (falling rocks, screen shaking, sound effects).

Overall construction of the map was done with GTK Radiant which is part of the Quake 3 Arena SDK.